Hi everyone! Hope everyone is having a great beginning to 2018! I thought I’d take a minute to catch you up on some of the activities going on at FHI. A lot of new stuff is shaking. FHCM and Subscriptions Our Financial Health for Case Manager’s program remains extremely popular. In the fall…(Read More)

Research FHI is adamant about staying on the cutting edge of the latest advances in Behavioral Economics, Neuroscience, Learning Theory and Psychology, and understanding how to put these theories into practice.  We love to research this stuff and believe it’s critical in keeping our programming alive and always improving. If you have interest in…(Read More)

Organizational Development Over the years, as FHI has worked with organizations across the country, we began to notice that many of them were were navigating financial stress. We could see that the impact of organizational financial stress significantly affected everyone in the organization, ultimately impacting how customer/client services are delivered. In 2015, we started…(Read More)

Professional Development


Professional Development Financial stress has an enormous impact on job performance for many people.  Having a deeper understanding of how to improve your own financial health or how to help others improve theirs can significantly impact workplace performance.  Our professional development programs and seminars reach a wide array of audiences, from those who are just…(Read More)

Programs for Individuals


Programs for Individuals For over 10 years, FHI has been developing and delivering educational programs for individuals.  We got our start designing programs for people experiencing significant financial and economic stress and/or experiencing homelessness.  Over the years, we have amassed a significant repertoire of (award-winning) classes, seminars and educational materials for people of…(Read More)

Happy holidays! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season thus far and that the stress levels haven’t gone off the charts — yet. I thought I’d try to bring a little behavioral economics to the holiday season by exploring what I’m calling the”holiday tunnel.” You might remember from our classes that…(Read More)

If you only have one shot to introduce your client to a Financial Health tool then make sure the Receipt Exercise and Spending Journal are your go tos. This is the first step toward building a personal financial plan. First part is to keep all of their receipts for one week in the envelope. Remember…(Read More)

As we’ve been out in the field delivering classes and working with people, we recognized that, while many people have heard of the Equifax data breach, few have really looked into the issue or done anything about it. Additionally, we have heard that many case managers have not been providing information to their clients…(Read More)