Financial Health Connections for Couples

Financial Health Connections for Couples provides an innovative framework for couples to discuss their perspectives about money and the tools to develop a mutual relationship to the money they share. This course is applicable to any kind of partnership with shared responsibility of expenses because it involves personal feelings, expectations, history, and behavior regarding money. Financial Health Connections for Couples leads couples through a learning process about how to make mutual choices and decisions that affect more than just finances. Our Financial Therapist, Joanne McLain, teaches this course.

You Will Learn About:

  • A deeper understanding of routines and habits in behavior change
  • The ineffectiveness of Rational Behavior Education for addressing financial topics
  • How to explore personal and shared goals and the barriers to successfully achieving those goals
  • How to explore individual money styles
  • The “Yours, Mine & Ours” Money Decisions Exercise
  • How to use the “Asset Building Continuum” as a means to building financial stability
  • Understanding the role of personal and shared values on financial behaviors
  • The Receipt Exercise
  • Suggested rules for discussing money
  • The concept of Internal Inconsistency and its role in personal decision-making

You Will Receive:

  • An invaluable personal and professional development opportunity
  • A certificate of course completion
  • Access to Financial Health Institute’s online library and resources
  • Forums to discuss progress and implementation of the curriculum and to have financial health questions answered by faculty and professionals in the field
  • Continued communication and support from Financial Health Institute faculty
  • Quarterly Financial Health Institute Newsletters

Commitment: Both members of the couple need to be present for full course. Four hours of content (two hours per session for two weeks) and

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Financial Health Connections for Couples
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