Financial Health: Two-Generation Approach

Focused on ameliorating cyclical poverty, this course brings together guardians and their children to educate multiple generations about strategies they can use to overcome the effects of scarcity and financial stress. A combination of guided discussion sessions and directed play activities encourage parents to develop skills for communicating with their children about their values and knowledge of personal finance and economics. This course is applicable to single and two parent families of children at various ages and  is modified to work with the developmental stages of children between 3-5, 6-10, and 11-15 years old.

You Will Learn:

  • A deeper understanding of the developmental tasks and skills that benefit children of different ages
  • How to structure learning activities that are fun, informative and match the developmental level of your children
  • How to establish routines and habits that develop positive behaviors
  • How to explore personal and family goals and identify the barriers to successfully achieving those goals
  • Exploration of family beliefs and attitudes about money
  • Understanding the role of personal and family values in financial behaviors
  • Suggested language and activities for discussing money with children of various ages
  • Tools to start a dialogue about money and teach your children important lessons about building assets, saving, making choices, and avoiding debt

You Will Receive:

  • An invaluable personal and family development opportunity
  • A certificate of course completion
  • Access to Financial Health Institute’s online library and resources
  • Forums to discuss progress and implementation of the curriculum and to have financial health questions answered by faculty and professionals in the field
  • Continued communication and support from Financial Health Institute faculty
  • Quarterly Financial Health Institute Newsletters

3 hours total (90 minutes per session for two weeks)

Financial Health: Two-Generation Approach
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