Bootstraps Facilitator Course

The Bootstraps Facilitator Course certifies individuals to deliver the Bootstraps Asset Building Education to their organization’s internal clients. This two-day course INCLUDES access to online Bootstraps and is followed by optional support from financial health faculty. Purchase of group membership is required in order to distribute content.

Bootstraps Asset Building Education guides individuals with limited income to become more aware of the ways in which financial stress affects their overall well being. It explores the underlying behavioral and economic issues that lead to decisions and choices that cause financial stress. This course provides the information and tools individuals need to change their behaviors around building personal assets that provide a foundation to stabilize financially.

You Will Learn:

  • How to guide the Bootstraps process so participants gain a personalized understanding of the concepts
  • How to tell compelling personal stories that reinforce course concepts and messages
  • How to guide the learning process through questions that encourage insight
  • The difference between facilitating and training and how to apply these techniques
  • How to be comfortable with the time it takes to let participants think and come to their own conclusions
  • The benefits of a non-judgmental perspective, acknowledging that everyone is an expert in their own process
  • How to engage everyone in the room, not just those who are outspoken
  • How to encourage meaningful discussions that lead to intentional change

You Will Receive:

  • Unlimited access to online Bootstraps Asset Building Education
  • Annual Financial Health Institute Membership
  • An invaluable personal and professional development opportunity
  • A certificate of completion
  • Bootstraps Asset Building Education curriculum and materials
  • Unlimited access to Financial Health Institute’s online library and resources
  • Quarterly Financial Health Forums to discuss implementation of curriculum and receive other information that helps support facilitators
  • Continued communication and support from Financial Health faculty
  • Quarterly Financial Health Institute’s Newsletter for Case Managers

Commitment: 16 hours of content, completion of Live Onsite or Online Bootstraps Asset Building Education, and group membership purchase.

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Bootstraps Facilitator Course
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