Financial Health for Professionals

Financial Health for Professionals explores the underlying behavioral and economic issues that lead to our decisions and choices that impact overall financial health. This course addresses the fact that many people have little or no training in personal finances or personal economics. This lack of training leaves people insufficiently prepared to navigate a complex economic landscape, making it extremely difficult to improve their own financial health.

You Will Learn:

  • A foundation of knowledge in the fields of Economics, Behavioral Economics, Psychology, Finance, Adult Education, Decision-Making Science, and Change Theory
  • The shortcomings of SMART Goals
  • A deeper understanding of routines and habits in behavior change
  • The impact of “scarcity” and tunneling as they relate to time, money, and energy
  • The role of stress (acute, episodically acute, chronic and toxic stress) on financial health
  • Time Value and Inter-temporal Choice
  • Willpower, discipline, and motivation in financial health
  • The role of stress on financial health and employment stability
  • How to identify and address barriers to financial stability
  • Why budgets are usually ineffective and how to improve them
  • Information and tools to implement changes that improve financial/economic health
  • Exploring “total compensation,” (401k/403b accounts, retirement accounts, HSA’s and FSA’s, etc.)

You Will Receive:

  • An invaluable personal and professional development opportunity
  • A certificate of course completion
  • Financial Health for Professionals curriculum and materials
  • Access to Financial Health Institute’s online library and resources
  • Quarterly Financial Health Forums to discuss implementation of curriculum and tools and have questions answered by faculty
  • Continued communication and support from Financial Health Institute faculty
  • Quarterly Financial Health Institute Newsletters

Commitment: 8 – 16 content hours

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