Financial Health for Veterans

This course guides Veterans through a trauma-informed process to become aware of the ways in which financial stress affects their overall well being and develop strategies to cope and thrive.  The course utilizes motivational-interviewing techniques and discussion to develop shared values and camaraderie.

You Will Learn:

  • How to explore personal goals and the barriers to successfully achieving those goals
  • Why most budgeting and personal finance classes are ineffective – and what can be done about it
  • How to use the “Asset Building Continuum” as a means to building financial and employment stability, even when you have limited resources
  • Understanding the role of personal values on financial behaviors
  • The concept of Internal Inconsistency and its role in personal decision-making
  • Exploring the impact of community on financial and employment decision-making
  • The ineffectiveness of Rational Behavior Education for addressing financial and employment topics
  • The role of routines, habits, and willpower in financial and health behaviors
  • The Time Value of Income and Expenses
  • The impact of financial stress on decision-making
  • The impact of financial stress on personal health
  • Strategies for saving and improved money management, even when you have limited resources

You Will Receive:

  • An invaluable personal and professional development opportunity
  • A certificate of course completion
  • Access to Financial Health Institute’s online library and resources
  • Continued communication and support from Financial Health Institute faculty
  • Customized reports based on data collection and class surveys
  • Quarterly Financial Health Institute Newsletters

Commitment: 8 content hours


Financial Health for Veterans
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