Credit Scores Predict Relationship Success


We’re all familiar with the situation. You have a friend who you love to spend time with. The problem is their version of “spending time,” involves spending money and lots of it. You enjoy the night out, but the subsequent financial stress you experience is a recurring issue at the core of your friendship. Meanwhile, you have another friend whose idea of having fun together is more like yours—taking a hike for free, cooking dinner at home, etc. You get the drift. The bottom line is that money—and your relationship with it—can frequently make or break friendships, and as it turns out—romantic relationships.

New research from the U.S. Federal Reserve examined millions of credit scores and determined that couples with healthy credit scores, have a healthier coupling. In fact, researchers posit that “credit scores reveal general trustworthiness” of relationship partners—an integral quality of a lasting relationship. Even more interesting is that the researchers found that people tend to match up with those who have similar credit scores, by a mere 69 point difference.

So what does this mean for the dating world, including dating websites? It could mean that the inclusion of details about credit scores might be useful to truly find a long-term match. However, for people who have had their credit scores ruined by fraud, divorce or other forces outside their control, this may seem an unfair representation of their true character or potential. Either way, this new research concretizes something that we have all experienced—our relationship with money and our financial health is in many ways related to the people we choose to surround ourselves with, for better or for worse.