What’s New at FHI in 2018


Hi everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great beginning to 2018! I thought I’d take a minute to catch you up on some of the activities going on at FHI. A lot of new stuff is shaking.

FHCM and Subscriptions

Our Financial Health for Case Manager’s program remains extremely popular. In the fall, Metropolitan State University agreed to provide a Continuing Education Unit for people who successfully finish the course. However, we have worked very hard to develop this program into a subscription model, which helps bring down the cost, allows more people to participate and most importantly, allows us to provide ongoing support for case managers after the initial training. TOTAL IMPLEMENTATION!!!  It’s important to note, that going forward, if someone wishes to participate in this training, their organization will want to subscribe (more info). This model already has almost 50 organizations across the state participating. One of the organizations says about the subscription:

I just wanted you to know that something I really appreciate about your organization is the ongoing support after training. I have been to so many trainings where you get excited about the content, excited to implement it with families, only to get back to the office, get caught up in the multitude of tasks and only implement a small portion. This is not the case with your Financial Health for Case Managers class; your ongoing support does not allow for the typical “loss of information and enthusiasm” that occurs after a training. The monthly webinars, the availability of staff to answer questions in between webinars, and the overall investment in our ongoing training is much appreciated. Outstanding! Thank you.

– Penelope Powell, Hilltop Family Resource Center

We hope your organization will subscribe too.

Professional Series

For those who wish to dive even deeper into the concepts of financial health and become an expert for their organization or perhaps a coach, we have developed the Human Services Financial Health Professional Certification Program. The goal of this program is to have people more deeply understand and integrate financial health content into their daily case management practice. This program is divided into 3 levels and can run from 6-18 months (click here for more details). We believe this is a very unique program and opportunity. We began our first cohort on January 2 and will bring in new participants every 6 months (for now).

Financial Health Labs – a 501(c)3

FHI has also developed a nonprofit organization, called Financial Health Labs. After years of being told that we can’t play with certain people because we weren’t a 501c3, we got that fixed. In December, FHL officially came to life. More to come on that project.

Distance Learning

And finally, distance learning: FHI is moving very quickly to develop and improve our distance learning options. We anticipate 15-20 new online modules available through our learning environment in the next 3 months. We will also be launching a content lab to help us roll out more video content.

FHI Organizational Development

FHI and the Center for Applied Management Practices (CAMP) have developed a partnership whereby we can roll out more organizational development programs that address organizational scarcity and resilience (click here for more information).

Some quick bits:

  • FHI, in collaboration with CAMP and eLogic, is piloting a web based application to help with data collection and long-term tracking of participants
  • FHI renewed contracts with Rocky Mountain Human Services to continue our ResourceAbility program (click here)
  • FHI was awarded a contract with City and County of Denver’s Community Service Block Grant, and we are thrilled to be able to continue our work in that field

And finally, if you haven’t been there for a while, head over to the website and take a look; it got overhauled during the holiday break.