FHI’s Integrated Learning Program is designed to assist with program implementation and address turnover issues within human services organizations. When an organization subscribes, they receive support for the entire year with how to implement the ideas they learn in the case manager training, plus they receive additional, on-going training opportunities to support them in their personal and professional development. Plus, FHI provides reports to the organization so they can see who is engaging and who is not, providing deeper insight into the value of the training.

FHI has intentionally kept the price low on this program to encourage wider adoption of it, believing that we can create a strong community of practice by encouraging greater participation. FHI currently offers two Integrated Learning Programs:

Integrated Learning is accomplished by supporting learners over an extended period of time with multiple touch points and learning styles to provide the most impactful and effective learning opportunity. Focused on specific financial and economic issues, FHI utilizes live trainings blended with technology, online classes, webinars, videos, coaching, plus a catalog of tools and resources to enhance the participant’s experience and to help them better retain/implement the training in their job and personal life.

        The Human Services Financial Health Professional Certification Program is designed to better prepare and equip professionals in the human services field. While intended to help you in your day-to-day work, the trainings are also beneficial in your own personal development.

          "I really appreciate about your organization is the ongoing support after training. I have been to so many trainings where you get excited about the content, excited to implement it with families, only to get back to the office, get caught up in the multitude of tasks and only implement a small portion. This is not the case with your Frameworks for Financial Health class; your ongoing support does not allow for the typical 'loss of information and enthusiasm' that occurs after a training. The monthly webinars, the availability of staff to answer questions in between webinars, and the overall investment in our ongoing training is much appreciated. Outstanding! Thank you."

          Penelope Powell, Hilltop Family Resource Center