Meaningful Consumerism is a term we invented to describe our process for helping people recognize that it is possible to survive and even thrive in our consumer driven culture and still have meaning and intention in their lives.  In fact, not only is it possible to have meaning and intention, but we can actually find a deeper, perhaps even spiritual, understanding of ourselves by looking at our thoughts and actions as we exist inside of our consumer driven culture.

When it comes to how we handle our time, money and energy it appears that everyone else knows how to use it and has things under control. Some people may have learned a bit from their parents, some might have gotten a bit of help in school.  But for the most part, smart utilization of our most precious resources is often assumed to be an inherent human ability. And because it appears that everyone else knows what they are doing, most people are hesitant to admit or ask for help when they don’t feel like they understand.

FHI is determined to foster open, supportive and nonjudgmental discussions about these issues, whenever possible.