Over the years, as FHI has worked with organizations across the country, we began to notice that many of them were were navigating financial stress. We could see that the impact of organizational financial stress significantly affected everyone in the organization, ultimately impacting how customer/client services are delivered. In 2015, we started designing programming to help management and staff better understand Organizational Scarcity and Organizational Resilience and have started offering services to assist organizations who wish to more effectively and efficiently utilize their resources.

To assist more organizations across the country, in 2018, FHI and the Center for Applied Management Practices (CAMP) developed a partnership. CAMP offers a large number of trainings and programs that help organizations improve their efficacy and develop strategies that will improve outcomes. We believe that trainings offered by CAMP are in total alignment with the FHI mission, helping organizations and professionals to reduce financial stress, and through this relationship we will expand our catalogue and our collective reach.

Catalog of Courses

The Center for Applied Management Practices & Financial Health Institute

Mini-Catalog of CAMP Trainings – Applied Tools and Best Practices

Case Management for Public, Non-Profit and Community Based Organizations-The Accountable Case Manager – All day training

  • A primer for case managers and direct service workers to help them acquire basic understanding of case management practices and acquire the skills necessary to be successful in their employment. The course provides a conceptual framework and a “hands-on” approach combining sound management theory, Results-Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA), and best practices for a balanced curriculum that addresses the day-to-day work as well as provides an academic and professional framework for learning and application in the agency.
  • Audience – Agency managers, supervisors, staff.