Want to supplement our live on site courses? Want a sneak peak into our course content and curriculum? Want to delve into custom topics of your choice? Our 90 minute speaking engagements are for you. While we frequently focus on the following topics, feel free to contact us and we can customized speaking engagements to suit your needs.

Frequent Speaking Engagement topics include:

Introduction to Financial Health
What is Financial Health and why is it an issue? People have been told for ages how they need to budget, need to save, need to exercise, need to eat a healthy diet, need to quit smoking. The list of things we should be doing to improve our lives goes on and on. The Introduction to Financial Health class discusses why the traditional approaches to education around these topics are ineffective and why people have such a hard time making these changes and culminating with some practices that will be immediately useful in improving their financial health.

Aligning Values, Goals and Behaviors

One of the most important things we can do is learn what our values are, do see where we act in and out of alignment with those values and how we can work to move our lives towards our value system. Participants in this class will leave with several tools that allow them to take a closer look at their values, how it is impacting their current situation and to determine if they want to make a change.

Financial Stress Strategies

75% of Americans consider personal finances to be their biggest source of stress. 80% of our medical expenses are stress related. The relationship among finance, stress and health is tightly wound. Financial Stress Strategies is not your run of the mill discussion about stress management, but a proactive approach to working on stress – specifically as it applies to a person’s financial health. Participants will leave with tools that they can immediately use to begin reducing their financial stress.

Behind on Credit/ Under the Debt

Understanding credit and debt are often the most sought after and requested conversation topics that we offer. With the average American family being substantially affected by their debt load and the financial stress surrounding an individual’s credit reaching toxic levels, it’s no surprise. This seminar is not about debt management programs or bankruptcy, but is rather focused on the behavioral and environmental components of an individual’s approach to utilizing credit or managing debt. That is, getting to the root cause of the problem and exploring our best alternatives.

Time Value

One of the most common reasons people say that they can’t manage their money is that they don’t have enough time! This seminar is not about how to use a calendar, but how to take a closer look at the relationship among financial health, the efficient use of time and personal or workplace values. Participants will leave with a better understanding of procrastination and what can be done to begin making changes in how we utilize our time.

The Process of Change

Frequently, people underestimate the difficulties that accompany making even some of the simplest changes in their lives. This seminar demonstrates why making changes can be extremely difficult and deceptively tricky, discusses the role of habits and routines in our ability to make changes and then provides steps that can be undertaken to increase the odds of creating a change that will last.

The Planning Thread – In Preparation for Economic Shocks

People always plan to plan, but they run out of time, or money, or energy, and in failing to plan, their goals are often thwarted. This Forum takes a look at how we believe we are going to plan (“The Planning Fallacy”) and “The Planning Thread,” wherein one small event that was not planned for becomes the thread that undoes other plans. Participants will leave this seminar with tools and strategies to improve their ability to plan in order to survive economic shocks and disturbances.

Social Proof

Perhaps our rowdiest topic of conversation, Social Proof takes a closer look at our family, friends, environment and community and how they all impact our financial health. Participants will leave with tools that help them to identify how their financial health is being impacted both positively and negatively plus strategies on how to make changes to improve their community thereby improving their financial health.

Holidays Under Control

The amount of stress that accompanies the holiday season and the amount of debt that follows is almost a running joke. Offered from August to December, this Forum is focused on helping people better prepare themselves for the insanity that surrounds the holiday season. The earlier people come to this Forum, the better they will be prepared to handle all of the traditions, expectations, hidden expenses and scheduling conflicts that typically accompany the holiday season.

Resolving Resolutions

80% of Americans who undertake a New Year’s resolution fail within the first 60 days. 50% of those who start don’t even believe that they will be successful. The result is a significant loss of money, time, energy and ultimately confidence in the ability to make personal changes. This forum explores the concept of the intentional resolution and demonstrates steps that individuals can take to better ensure that they are successful in their resolutions.

Stop Our Slide

There’s a lot of talk about the upper 1% and how our country is dividing into the have’s and the have not’s. This forum is an open discussion that looks at what can be done at the individual level to slow down our deteriorating middle class.

Financial Health – Connections for Couples

We know that for most people, there is a “significant other” in their life that plays an important role in financial health. This Forum is designed to help couples better understand each other’s values and behaviors as it relates to money plus provides some tools to help better align a couple’s financial health goals. This forum can be presented as one 3-hour session or two 90-minute sessions.

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