FHI’s subscription is designed to assist with program implementation and address turnover issues within human services organizations. When an organization subscribes, they receive support for the entire year with how to implement the ideas they learn in the case manager training, plus they receive additional, on-going training opportunities to support them in their personal and professional development.  Plus, FHI provides reports to the organization so they can see who is engaging and who is not, providing deeper insight into the value of the training.

FHI has intentionally kept the price low on this program to encourage wider adoption of it, believing that we can create a strong community of practice by encouraging greater participation. FHI offers two subscription packages:

   Basic Annual Subscription Package (PDF)

Unlimited access to Financial Health for Case Managers program Financial Health for Case Managers is an essential training that provides tools to help case managers personally and professionally as they navigate and decrease financial stress in their journey to improve financial health.
Unlimited access to online Financial Health Programs FHI online programs are self-paced, interactive and designed as a series of modules with evidence-based content presented in an engaging multimedia format.
Monthly Financial Health Forums and Webinars These live and online forums provide space, time and a supportive environment for participants to discuss their financial health questions and challenges with faculty and professionals in the field.
Financial Health Coaching for Case Managers and Clients Ongoing support from FHI faculty to assist you in your personal and professional journey to control finances, reduce stress and improve health.
Monthly Financial Health Newsletter Electronic newsletter filled with articles that provide members with the latest financial health news and tips, as well as tools and concepts to improve practice.
Online Resource & Library Unlimited access to online library full of useful financial health resources, tools and other materials.
FHI programs in the Community Unlimited access for staff and clients to attend FHI programs that are delivered in public/community settings. (see below)
Discounted Live Onsite Courses & Materials FHI will develop and/or deliver a program specifically for your organization.

*Includes quarterly reports on how organizations and individuals utilize the services provided

 *All materials available in Spanish

Programs that will be offered regularly in the community include:

Bootstraps Asset Building Education

  Behavioral Economics and Financial Health

  Scarcity and Decision-making
  Financial Health for Professionals

  Foundations in Financial Health

  Consumer Economic Forums

   Facilitator Subscription Package (PDF)

Includes Basic Subscription Package Includes access to Financial Health Institute’s Basic Subscription benefits. (See Basic Subscription Package Link)
Unlimited access to Facilitator Trainings Develop the skills needed for qualified staff to deliver specified FHI programs for your organization. (based on facilitator qualifications)
License to Deliver FHI programs and materials Provide as many FHI developed trainings and programs as your organization has the capacity to offer with access to the appropriate materials and support.
Facilitator Coach Ongoing support from FHI faculty to assist new and developing facilitators in your organization.

*Includes quarterly reports on how organizations and individuals utilize the services provided

 *All materials available in Spanish

We look forward to discussing how our case manager subscription packages can benefit your team — maximizing team education and training at an affordable rate.

  Please contact Steph Gustafson – sgustafson@fhinst.com.