During 2019

Participants arrive at Financial Health Institute courses feeling stressed about money.

  • 71% of participants report feeling significant stress from managing their personal finances
  • 60% of participants feel anxious or fearful about personal finances
  • 77% of participants believe that, if they could control their spending, they could significantly reduce the amount of stress in their lives


Participants who complete a Financial Health Institute course believe they are ready to make changes.

  • 98% of participants believe they will start saving money or change their spending habits as a result of the class
  • 48% of participants have already started changing their saving and/or spending behaviors by the end of the class

87% of participants are making a range of important changes in their lives. Some of the changes include:

  • 84% of participants are more aware of choices and spending behaviors
  • 69% of participants are improving their savings
  • 64% of participants are changing their habits
  • 64% of participants are using budgets
  • 49% of participants are working on reducing their stress

Financial Health Institute course participants feel more confident about managing their behaviors.


  • 73% of participants are confident about creating and sticking to a budget
  • 73% of participants believe they can prevent or manage their stress
  • 71% of participants are clear about their spending priorities