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We have had a busy summer adapting and adjusting to the changes around us and, as a result, we are thriving in our virtual world! We want all of you to thrive along with us, so we have several new projects that we are ready to share, as well as one major exciting announcement. Let…(Read More)

Shawn Young Beginning September 1st, 2019, the Financial Health Institute will launch The Leadership Academy (for Health and Human Services), an innovative approach to integrating a competency-based, comprehensive learning experience into professional development where outcomes can be tracked over time. As I am sure you are aware, there are many potential frustrations when you…(Read More)

by Shawn Young I’m pretty excited! On February 27th, FHI turned 12 years old. Of course, we haven’t always had the same name, and we have evolved a lot over that time. I will spare you a long list of accomplishments, but I am proud of the work we have done and the…(Read More)

Be the Change


Shawn Young One of the questions that we are most frequently asked at FHI is “how do you begin the conversation about money with a client?”   I think this question is very interesting and revealing.  Stick with me for a minute and let me see if I can work my way back…(Read More)

An Apology – sort of: I think a typical blog starts with an apology for not having written something sooner!  Okay – so it’s later than expected, but here it is.  And just so everyone knows, for the blog/newsletter topics for 2019, I am going to be focusing my efforts around the concept of Economic…(Read More)



For 2019 – Let’s be resolved to grow, but to be kind to ourselves in the process! In our classes we frequently talk about what we call the “Future Self.”  You know the Future Self: that’s the person you are going to be sometime in the future. In many cases, the Future Self looks…(Read More)

Jobseekers: Join in a personal exploration to find meaningful employment and learn lifelong tools that will enhance your personal financial growth. This FREE four-part course taught by the Financial Health Institute will be held at JFS on Tuesdays, August 7, 14, 21, and 28. Register by contacting Dicia Kemp at or…(Read More)

Enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card by filling out this quick 5 to 10 minute survey on the gig economy. We are doing some research this month on the gig economy and have created a short survey for everyone to take. Whether you’re a former or current Lyft driver or an Airbnb…(Read More)

The most frequent strategy employed by people for saving is to “save what’s left over.”  We all know the outcome of this strategy! Unfortunately for many people there is little that is “left over.” Everyone we’ve met understands the importance of saving and most people have a desire to do so, but they…(Read More)

Shawn Young’s, Founder and CEO of FHI, was recently interviewed by Orapin Marketing + Public Relations for their Inspired Impact blog! Shawn gives some great words of advice for leaders hoping to make an impact. Link to interview INSPIRED IMPACT is an ongoing blog series that gives voice to social entrepreneurs and leaders of mission…(Read More)