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thriving in a virtual world-images of friends shown on a phone-Cam Thomas artist

We have had a busy summer adapting and adjusting to the changes around us and, as a result, we are thriving in our virtual world! We want all of you to thrive along with us, so we have several new projects that we are ready to share, as well as one major exciting announcement. Let…(Read More)

money-stress-health causal loop

Hello friends and colleagues! I hope this correspondence finds everyone doing well, staying safe and healthy! A statistic that we have frequently referenced in the past indicated that over 60% of Americans didn’t have the savings to cover a $500 emergency.  Obviously, none of us knew that we were on the precipice of a…(Read More)

New Year 2020

Happy New Year! I hope that 2020 is off to a great start for you and your organizations. We had an amazing year in 2019 and we will be publishing our annual report at the end of this month highlighting some of our accomplishments.  Two big projects that we will continue to grow in 2020…(Read More)

Shawn Young Beginning September 1st, 2019, the Financial Health Institute will launch The Leadership Academy (for Health and Human Services), an innovative approach to integrating a competency-based, comprehensive learning experience into professional development where outcomes can be tracked over time. As I am sure you are aware, there are many potential frustrations when you…(Read More)

by Shawn Young Over the past several months, as I’ve delivered the Frameworks in Financial Health class across Colorado, I’ve noticed a tremendous appetite for conversations about how we might better impact/inform policy. The curiosity usually starts from a conversation we have about the economic value of benefits, which then leads into…(Read More)

by Shawn Young We all know what scarcity feels like, but how does it impact our lives and what can we do about it? And how does scarcity impact the organizations that are helping people address the scarcity in their lives? In 2013, Mullainathan and Shafir released a book about it called, naturally enough, Scarcity…(Read More)

by Shawn Young I’m pretty excited! On February 27th, FHI turned 12 years old. Of course, we haven’t always had the same name, and we have evolved a lot over that time. I will spare you a long list of accomplishments, but I am proud of the work we have done and the…(Read More)

Be the Change


Shawn Young One of the questions that we are most frequently asked at FHI is “how do you begin the conversation about money with a client?”   I think this question is very interesting and revealing.  Stick with me for a minute and let me see if I can work my way back…(Read More)

An Apology – sort of: I think a typical blog starts with an apology for not having written something sooner!  Okay – so it’s later than expected, but here it is.  And just so everyone knows, for the blog/newsletter topics for 2019, I am going to be focusing my efforts around the concept of Economic…(Read More)