Holiday Justification


Can you feel it? It might be the difference in the daylight, or the beginning of school, or perhaps the beginning of football season… It might be… or could it be, like the tractor beam in Star Wars, where once you are in its range, you are irrevocably pulled in – unable to get away. In some places, the changes are subtle – in others, it is overt. But it has definitely begun.


I know that you know that I know that you know that it’s here. Take a look around and what do you see. Yes – it’s the Pumpkin Spice Latte making its return. It’s the Halloween Super Store that has shown up in your community. It’s the Christmas aisle that has already been planted in many stores.

We know that the holiday season is fraught with many emotional triggers, expectations and traditions – many of them good, some of them, well, less good. There’s the family get togethers, the office parties, and soirees with friends. There are trips to plan, presents to buy and food to cook. There are presents that aren’t going to wrap themselves. There are lights and decorations that need tending to. And, of course there are chestnuts to roast and maybe even a little caroling.

This is no small undertaking!

The retailers and the marketers have been planning on this since last holiday season and this last stretch of the year is a really big push to get you to spend. Oh, there’s many ways to make that happen. There are many external messages and not a few internal messages that push us to spend during the holidays – often beyond what we intend.

(Please note the extensive use of exclamation points in the following!)

It might sound like this:
It only comes around once a year!

Or this:
Their present cannot be better than our present to mom!

Or this:
These sales are Craaaaazzzzzyyyyy!

Or this:
I have to have a Venti Mocha when I shop! It makes me think better!

Or this:
It’s “buy local Saturday” and I’m helping the local economy!

Or this:
I don’t have anything good for the White Elephant!

Or this:
I need some new shoes because I’m going to be running around all over the place!

Or this:
I need a new computer because I’m going to be doing all of this online shopping!

Okay – you get the point!

And so, in celebration of our favorite spending time of year, we would like to offer you a free online class about bringing the Holidays a little bit more under control.

  • Go to the FHI online store
  • Choose Holidays Under Control from the list of classes by clicking on “Add”
  • Use the coupon code on the Payment screen during checkout, to make it free: HUC2018
  • Take the short course and download the Holiday Budget PDF.