Financial stress has an enormous impact on job performance for many people. Having a deeper understanding of how to improve your own financial health or how to help others improve theirs can significantly impact workplace performance. Our professional development programs and seminars reach a wide array of audiences, from those who are just beginning to learn about financial health and how to improve it in their own lives to those who wish to really dive deep into the study of financial health and working with others. 

The Human Services Financial Health Professional Certificate Program is designed to better prepare and equip professionals entering the human services field. It is also intended to support Human Service Professionals who have been in the field, but who have missed out on these critical components of their professional training. While intended to help the Human Service Professional in your day-to-day work, the trainings will also be beneficial in your own personal development.


Coaching is a tremendously beneficial process for encouraging people to pursue goals and maintain new patterns of behavior. Coaches may be trained in traditional financial concepts and practices, but still find their efforts are less effective than they would prefer. This course dives deeper into the underlying behavioral science behind economic behaviors in order to provide a richer grounding for coaching on financial health goals.

Classes for professional development include:

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